Hamilton, GA is the county seat of Harris County, Georgia.

Population: 1,016
Total Area: 2.1 sq mi
Millage Rate: 7.025

City Hall
210 Walton St.
Hamilton, GA 31811
Phone Number: (706) 628-5321
Fax Number: (706) 628-9520

Incorporated December 20, 1828, Hamilton is the county seat of Harris County. Local wisdom has it that the city remembers James Hamilton, Jr., a governor of South Carolina. Hamilton is known for passing the Nullification Ordinance of 1832 and for leading the armed forces to defend states’ rights.

In April 1969, the city opened its town square as a museum of the 1870-1920 era, and now the square is called “Hamilton on the Square.”

During the late 19th century, B.F. White, who was important in the development of Sacred Heart singing, made Hamilton his home. His Sacred Heart singing, a traditional form of Christian congregational music, uses the human voice alone to provide instrumentation.

Visit this page for a more exhaustive Early History of Hamilton and Harris County: http://hamiltoncityhall.net/city/about/early-history-of-harris-county/

HC_Courthouse_in_Winter_framed_smallStatistics & Facts about Hamilton

The population of Hamilton is approximately 454. The approximate number of families is 179.
The amount of land area in Hamilton is 4.346 sq. kilometers (2.1 sq miles).
The amount of surface water is 0 sq. kilometers.

HCLib_smallThe distance from Hamilton to Washington DC is 624 statute miles. The distance to the Georgia state capital is 74 statute miles. (Statute miles are “as the crow flies”) Hamilton is positioned 32.75 degrees north of the equator and 84.87 degrees west of the prime meridian.

HamiltonShops1_smallLocal Government
Harris County was created in 1827 from portions of Muscogee and Troup counties. Georgia’s 71st county was named for Charles Harris, a lawyer who served as mayor of Savannah. The county seat is Hamilton. Other municipalities are Pine Mountain, Shiloh and Waverly Hall.

hampolicefiredept_smallHamilton Elected Officials

Mayor: Becky Chambers
Council Members:
Julie Brown
Ransom Farley
Matthew Newberry
Detrick Wortham